Sunday, 11 July 2010

Interviews with science bloggers

On the run up to the science blogging event I'm chairing on Thursday, I thought I'd do a series of short interviews with four UK science bloggers who, in addition to our panel, reflect some key areas in the UK science blogosphere.

I've started off with the same question to all of them: do you have a specific audience (or set of audiences) in mind when you blog? Subsequent questions then flow from that answer and/ or the specific type of blogging they do. I've also asked each of them to share their favourite blogs.

I'll make their names into links when the interviews go live:
  • Jennifer Rohn, who keeps a "life in the lab" blog on Nature Network.
  • Daniel MacArthur, who blogs about the genetic testing industry on ScienceBlogs.
  • Mun Keat Looi, who writes on an institutional blog for the Wellcome Trust.
  • Imran Khan, who blogs about UK science policy as Director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering.
Additionally, I asked social scientists Hauke Riesch and Jon Mendel to tell me a bit about their research into the science blogging community.

If you're interesting in this sort of thing, I can also recommend this set of mini-interviews with psychology bloggers from British Psychological Society's Research Digest blog. Also, a couple of recent science-related profiles from Normblog: Gimpy and Jack of Kent.

We released a few more tickets for the blogging event, so if you thought we'd sold out, there is still a chance to sign up.

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