Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Student Sci-Art

Some examples of the interpretive practical group project we set our MSc students every year. They work in groups or three or four to produce something (and it can be about anything...) which reflects on some of the history, philosophy and social studies of science they study in the first term.

Four Scientists 2 Mendel's peas
Science Comic - inside Enlightenment Edward - close up

From the top-left clockwise, four scientists of the televisual age argue over how they see "the public", Mendel's pea (part of a knitted history of genetics), a philosophy of science influenced comic book, and "Enlightenment Edward" (part of a collection of history of science action men).

Each of the photos are links to flickr, where you can find more notes. You'll also see further examples of this year's group projects, including: bottles of cider which they actually brewed (or rather sci-der), some clever photography, an experiment in Romantic Scientific painting, and a mashup of the Large Hadron Collider with Cologne Cathedral.

1 comment:

  1. I love the knitted Mendel piece!

    This reminds me of the pick-n-mix sweets double Helix I made at the start of my Biology A Level. In a testament to the low food content of Woolworth's (RIP) sweets I've still got a portion that looks no different today than it did when it was made, colour coded base pairs and all.